@Ghosty OK but we're gonna judge your taste in music players.

@malin Haha. I’m sorry for using such a bad service :(.

For my defense though: If I like an album I buy it as a Vinyl or as digital download from preferably bandcamp :)

argh, don't remind me if that atrocity. Vista and 8 have a well deserved place in oblivion.


@malin @Ghosty
someone needs to write a lovecraftian short story about these horrors

@Ghosty that's a nice layout ratio. i always end up pressing Super+w because i just want the current thing i'm viewing to be my entire focus..that and laptop is only 15" screen...which might be more than what some others might have...don't judge

@dpreacher If that setup works for you it's good! :D.

This is BTW one 24" monitor. I use a awesome tool from @hund to split my one quite big monitor into two virtual monitors.

The right side (where Spotify is) and the left side (where the terminal is) are seen as individual monitors by i3.

That makes multitasking with one Monitor hassle free and more efficient! :)

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