The more I ask about nuclear plants, the less happy I am.

I feel like if I push on someone will eventually tell me they're running Norton antivirus.

@malin The fact that they run Windows makes them ~90% less secure.

AVs are one of the most useless programs on planet earth these days.
Most malware isn't using security holes anymore. But rely on the user to give them permissions (social engineering).

I prefer nuclear plants over coal plants though.

We should have done more research on nuclear power (instead of developing nukes :p)

@Ghosty @malin I don't know about any newer ones, but ones that are here aren't actually run by any modern computers. They use really old windows (nt4, 2000), but for monitoring purposes mostly.
And nuclear is *the cleanest* energy that we have. Mass hysteria only makes things worse.

@nesc @malin True. It is indeed very clean and should be used until we figured how we can use renewable energy as main energy source!

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@Ghosty @malin The thing with renewable that it isn't that renewable when you look close enough. Energy is, but materials no.

@nesc @malin That's true.
We have the same problem with radio active materials too.
Recycling is also an important factor to look at!

@Ghosty @nesc @malin Have either of you heard about thorium power plants? It's terribly sad and frustrating. Thorium is better than uranium in literally every way. It's more abundant, easier to refine, can pretty much be reused until it's almost completely gone (leaving very little waste), It's waste is safer and easier to deal with, Meltdown proof thorium reactors are possible, if a meltdown did occur, it would be much less of a problem, and, it cannot be used to build nuclear bombs.

@OpenComputeDesign @Ghosty @nesc @malin "Thorium Cheaper than Coal" is FB group dedicated to it, Thorium and Molten Salt offer quite a bit of possibilities

@OpenComputeDesign @nesc @malin Yep. I know them! They seem awesome on the spec cheat. But sadly we are missing a ton of real life testing!

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