I think I‘ll leave Mastodon (or will be inactive AF). It‘s not what it was 1 or 2 years ago.
It was really good to start conversations.
It was more like a family than a group.
It was more interesting.

I don’t know if I changed or Mastodon changed.
Anyway I‘ll step back and search for something new :).
It was an honor to talk to y‘all!

Thank You!

@Ghosty How can you leaving it make it better? ;P

@hund I think it’s more or less impossible to make it better. I think the way Masto changed is because of the growth.

@hund It’s like those big social networks. It has more users but your posts get less attention.
What I loved about Mastodon was that you posted something and got a super interesting conversation right away.
Now you most of the time you only likes or a boring chat

@Ghosty @hund I've noticed this too, although I'm not sure if it actually has anything to do with growth

@Ghosty I think it's the same friendly and active place. :)

@Ghosty Well. You stopped being active for starters. :P

@Ghosty I'll be sad to see you go but I'll respect your choice. You've got my xmpp (and therefore email) info so please do keep in touch.

@Ghosty well, I've become a lot less active too, but that's because I just have less time for social media in general.

We'll miss you around here.

@kensp @Ghosty This is my problem lately, too. I started a new job about three weeks ago and I'm still working my old job after hours plus I'm taking care of 200+ species of plants, 9 tarantulas, 3 cats, a dog, an ant colony, etc. There just hasn't been much time to spare lately.

@ajdunevent @Ghosty Gonna be honest. Mastodon is good for me. I'm gonna try and make more time to post. This might sound like a weird thing to say about social media, but we have a special community here at

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