Hey guys. My friend is using debian 9 stable. Is there anyway we can get steam play to run? So far we've installed the required minimum nvidia driver version. Still no success with launching Dark Souls III though.

Which SteamPlay version is he using? Dark Souls III started working (bar some crashes about 30min-1hr in), with SteamPlay version 3.16-4/5 for me

@dar13 ahhh oki. He uses 3.7 right now. We'll give that a shot! Thank you.

@Ghosty I usually never recommend Flatpaks or anything like it, but it's actually a good option for messy things like Steam.

@hund jup. The flatpak Version on the Debian repo is too old though :/

@Ghosty @hund I gave up trying to run Steam on Debian and ended up dual booting with Solus. The Solus Integration with Steam is tops.

@Trav1sty @hund I actually got it running. It’s really quirky. You have to install the nvidia driver that is on nvidias site.

@Ghosty @hund That's good! Hopefully it doesn't break during an upgrade. 🤞

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