Apparently, #Mastodon has extensive keyboard shortcuts! In the WebUI of your instance, click here to view them! 🙂

(I love shortcuts so I thought I'd share them for others who hadn't seen the little link down there 😉)

@amolith That’s Firefox right? Have you tried out qutebrowser yet?

@Ghosty It is and I have. I don't use qutebrowser because of all my extensions in FF and the way it syncs with Fennec in F-Droid. I love being able to leave tabs on one and open them in the other, being able to send tabs from one to the other while the other is off, and having the same favourites. The send tab feature is especially nice because I can send a tab to my laptop while I'm walking down the side walk and the next time I open my laptop, there it is in FF.

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