@kensp I just looked at your description and saw that you still plug your GitHub. You May need to update that since you‘ve moved to gitlab anyway :D.

I know I should get rid of it, but people still ask what my GitHub is. There's so many projects and people still on it's, it's basically a networking tool.

@Ghosty Just realized you meant my masto description. Changed it.

@kensp @Ghosty I plan to mirror my Gitea to GitLab/Hub so I can use what I like and others can use what they like

@amolith @kensp That’s a great idea! BTW what’s better/diffrent on Gitea compared to Gitlab?

@Ghosty @kensp Gitea is self hosted (like GitLab) but it is *so* much lighter. Like GitLab requires a minimum of 4 GB RAM or something and Gitea needs <500 MB iirc. I got mine fixed yesterday so you can look at it at

When I get home, I can also make you an account if you want to try it.

@amolith @kensp NICE! Would be awesome if I could try it out :). How much RAM does it use on your server? I might host one for me too when I get tomorrowschool moved to another server.

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