Does anyone know what could cause a random idle zsh terminal to use up 100% cpu after some time?

@Ghosty Haven't used these, but I know there are some omz plugins that cause that behaviour. May be something similar in your case. If it happens consistently, make a backup of your config and start with a fresh one, if it stops happening then,start slowly incorporating your old settings one by one until it returns. Haven't found a better way of determining what's causing such behaviour.

@MatejLach thanks for the tip! I’ll take a look at all the omz plugins I’ve installed :D

@omnipotens I’ll do if I know 100% what it’s cause it :)

@benoitj @omnipotens It’s getting more confusing! Even though my lappie and pc have the SAME config files for zsh. Only on my laptop I get this weird behavior.

@Ghosty @benoitj sounds like maybe driver or power manager something hardware specific.

@omnipotens @benoitj Maybe. I’ve an x220. Usually they run Linux pretty good. I’ll go back to omz for a day and see if that resolves it. If yes I have to rewrite my .zshrc file :).

@Ghosty @benoitj looks like zsh using all cpu has been a on and off issue for years

@omnipotens @benoitj @Ghosty wtf? Now I'm glad I uninstalled a few hours ago. Got tired of zsh not finding commands constantly :(
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