Moving on from oh-my-zsh to antibody.
Why? Curiosity!

@iah antibody is an addon manager and pure is a minimalistic prompt :D

@iah it only shows git stuff when it’s there. For example that is how it looks when I’m in my home folder: ~ »

@Ghosty @iah i do get why i would want to go away from oh my zsh to reduce magic and complexity. In not to sure of why zsh ever plain bash or fish. Zsh feels both reinventing the wheel, adding feature I don't need and making things more complex. Can someone point out the killer feature that makes people use it?

@benoitj @iah I use it because the autocompletion is better natively. (I'm sure you can tweak that for bash to work similar)

@Ghosty @iah OK, massive I should get this on my phone. Android autonomous is crappy like help.

@benoitj @iah Well thats one of the reasons *I* use it. Use what ever you want. I do not try to convice you nor do I care what other ppl use. Its all about personal preference.

@Ghosty I get it, but you saved me time if I want to look at it. Auto complete is something I should look at

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