@kelbot Hoi. I wanna set up a home cloud. Do you have anything that you can suggest for me what I could use hardware wise? I want a setup that is well balanced between cost and power. :D

@Ghosty This is my exact setup which I've been very happy with. Running the NextcloudPi image. Just add microsd card and 12V ac adapter. You can swap out the 3tb refurbished drive for any 3.5" or 2.5" drive you prefer or might have laying around as a spare.

@kelbot That thing looks perfect and even the price is pretty low :D. Thanks!

@Ghosty @kelbot If you haven't already I recommend checking out labgopher. It's super handy for buying a used server.

@Huggles @kelbot Ahh. I think this isn’t for me because it’s USA only and I live in Germany. Anyway I took a look at the website. They really have great deals there and I’m a bit salty that they don’t do worldwide shipping P:

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