I've been using for half a year now and I have to admit:
WOW this thing is awesome! You have a great privacy and still can use it with every email client out there. It also has a good collection of features but at the same time is not bloated. All in all its a very balanced experience and that makes is sooooooo good!
The 1€ per month are absolutely wort it!

No custom domains though, so a deal breaker for me. 😕

@kev Ahh. Well I dont use custom domain obviously :D. Wich service do you use?

I'm using Fastmail and I'm very happy with their service. Little bit more expensive than Posteo, at $5/m but that's hardly gonna break the bank. 😁

@swedneck used them for about 3 months. Literally the worst email experience I've ever had. Seriously, they were awful.


@kev @Ghosty What exactly was so bad? I've had 0 issues with them..

@swedneck I only have 500 characters here. I might write something about it on my blog one day.

Main issue was that everything constantly redirected to German sites, which is no good if you don't speak German, and their support was crap. I could go on, but I won't.


@kev @swedneck Anyway. If I someday feel the need of a custom domain. I'll try them and if they are bad I'll search for a diffrent provider :D.

@Ghosty I've had the same experience, the CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contacts) sync is really useful as well.

@peanutbutter144 Yea. I love that feature! I would have written more but I had only about 30 letters left :/

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