New distro and slightly re-designed dektop. :)

@hund Good :P. I need to clean up my home dir though. It‘s a mess.
Boots up in like 5secs (thank you openrc) and everything is snappy. Still loving hlwm too!

@Ghosty @hund

5 seconds boot time? seems seems the slightest tad slow to me 😀

@jason @hund @jason @hund Yea. I might have to remove some services. I start NetworkManager even though I don’t even use it lmao.


Screenie proof or it didn't happen.

I may try to shorten my boot time but its pretty much how I need it to be, perhaps ill trya a custom init img


@jason @hund When I‘m @ home I‘ll try to get the boot time to 4 secs :D


Ok,The OpenRC vrs SystemD boot challenge is a go! Lol

It may be a few days before I get time to explore a custom init img, but I will.


@jason @Ghosty Systemd wins the masterbootrace. But OpenRC wins the overall masterrace due to it actually being consistent. As a sysadmin you don't want services starting in random order and 3 secs vs 9 secs doesn't really matter when POST takes like 3 minutes anyway.


Its a Crucial MX500 2.5" 250GB SATA III Solid State Drive.


@jason @hund Ahh :). I‘ve got a sandisk. So we’re about on the same lvl hardware wise :D

@jason @hund rc-service shows when tty started tho. That way I can get a time :D

@Ghosty @hund

OK, Finally had time to sort out a custom initramfs.img

Boot time consistently between 3.5 and 3.7 seconds without loss to my laptops usability, I don't think I am able to slim it down further.

I managed to get Post down to about half the time (changed some bios settings).

@jason @hund Ok. Now you tilt me :P. Can you refer me to a website that gives some information on how to do a custom initramfs.img. Never did one :D.

@Ghosty @jason It's just you who takes years to process what you see. :thinkergunsunglasses:

@Ghosty @hund


I will put together a almost how-to blog entry about custom initramfs based on the info in the Arch Wiki

wait fo it... lol

@jason @hund Ahh. Take your time. BTW Thank you for motivating me to clean up my messy install :D

@jason @hund @jason @hund BTW. What are you booting of? I‘m booting from a SATA SSD :D.

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