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I recently got the early bird version of @hund @iokeyboards new 65% ISO, hotswap, RGB underglow PCB.

Although it being an early adopter model I have to say that it is already really matured! Everything worked out of the box; the soldering joints of the components are all perfect and the hotswap doesn't feel flimsy at all!

It is a perfect board for newcomers and tinkerers who don't like the awkward and time consuming process of (de-)soldering their switches!

If you use Gentoo and have an adequate amount of RAM I suggest that you create a tmpfs for your portage TMPDIR to reduce the writes to your SSD!

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As the developer of Privacy Browser, I decided it was time I had a Mastodon account I could use to toot about developments with the browser. The web site contains blog posts that talk about major features in each new release, but that format doesn't lend itself well to public comments about the development process as it is happening.

I finally made the step and bought myself a 16GB RAM kit for my workstation!

8GB of RAM was fine for almost everything. But I had to use a swap file relatively often.
Swap files are great and all but they can really degrade the lifespan of your SSD :(.

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It seams like Wayland (Sway) is less memory intensive compared to X11 (i3wm)!

The future is coming baby!

I've been now for 3 years on the Fediverse and!🎉

Everything on here still feels new and interesting to me. Let's hope that this feeling never changes!
:mastodon: :linuxrocks:

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Now, ICANN must begin a competitive, transparent process to identify a trustworthy and willing steward for the .ORG domain.

Currently developing the first XMPP messenger for KaiOS.

I like that you don't have to write any native code to develop KaiOS Apps. It's all HTML, CSS and JS.

I decided to Buy the Nokia 2720 Flip. It set me back 90€, has KaiOS, 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth.

It's a fair deal and future proof-ish because of the 4G modem and KaiOS!

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I'm thinking about switching to a KaiOS based phone.
Any recommendation on which one I should choose? (Sub 100$ would be cool)

I’m trying out Void Linux for the first time on my Laptop.

The installation with full disk encryption was really easy thanks to the awesome documentation provided by Void Linux.

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Last week I purged all my IDEs and moved to VIM.

My experience so far:
It is a perfectly viable IDE replacement if you are willing to invest some time to configure it to your needs!

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I Hate Windows!!

My friend gave me his old 3D printer. First this crappy machine forces you to use their proprietary slicer. (Windows Only) so I rebooted into windows for the first time in months. Well after 4 days of windows updates I installed this crap software. This damn software installed Candy Crush, Opera, and a dozen other crap including agproxy data collection malware. Now I cannot get this crap off it keeps coming back. I hate Windows and the crappy proprietary software vendors

This is also really helpful for learning how to create a basic window manager:

It's a window manager written in 50 lines of C code with a ton of documentation :).

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Quarantine is boring like crazy!
I think I'm gonna stream some thing. Maybe Final Fantasy on NES!
Or maybe there's a multiplayer game we can play?

You know you're into a long night when you open a bottle of Club Mate at 10pm :linus:

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