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I think I‘ll leave Mastodon (or will be inactive AF). It‘s not what it was 1 or 2 years ago.
It was really good to start conversations.
It was more like a family than a group.
It was more interesting.

I don’t know if I changed or Mastodon changed.
Anyway I‘ll step back and search for something new :).
It was an honor to talk to y‘all!

Thank You!

1. Day of using simple terminal.
(It’s been a month since I wanted to start using it btw :P)

So far I‘m happy with it. The configuration is a bit more complex in my opinion but I get used it more and more.

Currently working on a project called goArtix. In the end It’ll be a script that will be similar like LARBS but that it uses Artix as underlying distro and it‘ll be small so that it can be installed on USB sticks.

Fully moved over to bedrock Linux.
Was the easiest thing on this planet.
I have artix and devuan running currently 🏃

Finally trying out bedrock Linux. I love that they now include a script that does the base.

*suckless Terminal lol. I switched something up.

I guess its finally time to give st (simple terminal) a try

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@Ghosty it does create a .part. Problem is mediafire not allowing me to rip the uri to download for some reason. It is so hard to transfer large files over the internet.

This what’s the craziest year of my life so far tech wise:
Completely got rid of:

Started using:
Posteo: instead of gmail
Herbstluftwm: instead of Mate
Artix: as my distro of choice after distro hopping for almost a year
urxvt: instead of terminator
Vinyls: as a way to listen and store music that I like most
C++: as main object oriented programming lang
pure: as zsh prompt
antibody: as zsh plugin manager

I continued to learn C++.
Pointers are confusing but also awesome. :thaenkin:

Moved back to android.
Sadly iOS hasn't got:
A really good jabber client.
A keepassx app.
A syncthing app.

Hey guys. My friend is using debian 9 stable. Is there anyway we can get steam play to run? So far we've installed the required minimum nvidia driver version. Still no success with launching Dark Souls III though.

I'm looking forward on getting into processing with python.

I'm hyped :D

An old desktop screenshot from 2011 with my previous tiling window manager WMFS.

I guess there's really no going back from a tiling window managers once you get used to it. :)

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