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My official desktop screenshot! (Totally forgot about that!)

@Ghosty KISS stands for Keep It Simple Sweden! ;)

What are your thoughts about running 2 500GB SSDs in RAID 0 as root drive?

@jason @Ghosty @omnipotens
Thanx Jase! i see it as a learning experience. Federation seems simple in theory until you actually experience it in action...a lot of communication going on and one mistake ruins the whole experience. I'm just glad we can all cooperate together and make this a whole lot funner of an experience ...and i keep saying experience....experience...ok one more time...experience

@omnipotens Uhmm...... Our instance (mine and @bowner's) isn't federating with yours. Have you set it up to only federate with chosen instances?

One thing that I really hate about being the "tech support" of my family is that everyone is complaining about performace at least once a year. The past few years I just reinstalled Windows for them. But that's a pain in the ass. This time I said that they have 2 options:
1. Get Linux
2. Upgrade to an SSD

Their response to that: "It's okay if it's slow."

Don’t buy Ark when you want to play it on Linux! I bought it and have to play it on low to have "minimum" lags (AMD Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 1060). My friend though who plays the game on windows (Core i5 Haswell, GTX 770) can play it on medium and has less lags then I have.

GIMP 2.10.4 released with faster start up times, auto-straighten tool.

GIMP no longer has to wait for all your fonts to be fully loaded before it can load the rest of the program. This means faster startup.

Taken a really nice photo but at an angle? Auto-straighten option is at hand to help.

Measure the angle of the horizon on your image, and then click the new “Straighten” button.

+much via link!


After some distro hopping for almost a year (mostly debian/ubuntu based), I found Solus (@SolusProject). It's the perfect blend of linux for my taste. I use it every day. So I became a patron on patreon today. If you find an open source project that enables you to do the things you want to do, I encourage you to support it in some way as well.

Just found out about LinuxGSM. In a nutshell it makes it easy to install game servers and to run them.

Plan for this weekend: I‘ll develop an Artix Linux install script (I never did big things with bash wich is a shame) :D

I was at @notabhay's today.

He deleted his windows in favour of arch. I was there helping him out.
I'm gonna ask him to post some screenshots of his rice.

@Ghosty Congratulations!

Although that does not seem to work with AsteroidOS.

My first watch ever was a Casio. And it's still working!

Finally bought my self a watch. (A Casio F-91W)

If anyone is missing some nerdy stickers. It’s the right time to buy them! Unixstickers sells their "pro pack" for 1$ and with worldwide free shipping!

@isak @hund The VPN is perfect! No losses so far. And privacy is now over 9000 :)!

I know I sound like a broken record at this point guys and gals, but Crazy Justice from @BlackRiddles is kind of a big deal for gaming! Our very own Battle Royale! Lets keep the Hype Train going!

@archtoasty Just pledged to them :D. I‘m suuuuppppperrrr hyped :)

@kobold @ChrisWere @stolas @keefo @seasharp Since it looks like OpenTTD is quite popular I‘ll set up a server. I have a spare VPS with great bandwidth so it won’t lag :)

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