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Switched back to Arch Linux a while ago. This is how my WM looks now.

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What is the search engine of your choice?

Vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript?

I've been coding quite a lot dart code recently.
I really like how dart handles certain things :).

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I been trying out My luck with coinbase exchange and with blockcard and sorry if I sounded like broken record if you can help me and my family out it would be great ,the drive there take a lot out of us it is 1hr half drive there and back an now going every week the money you send helps pay for the travel expenses and other expenses for the car thankyou very much and will I be starting to use crypto currency my keybase walllet just ask for it

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@matt currently I do, but that's because it's default for Feren OS. And even thou the start is a nice chime, I think I'll mute that one at least 😎

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Props to the python dev team! The python3 package on Arch Linux was reduced by 72MB.

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The prohibition against torture is absolute.

And yet, torture is still being carried out by state officials around the world, driven by states’ ability to surveil dissidents, and intercept their communications.

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Hi Fediverse 👋

what do you think of this new landing page design? ✨

Feel free to leave your feedback here 🙂

Which one would you prefer?

Would be awesome if you'd explain why :D.

I predict 2020 to be the year of Linux gaming!

The German media is talking about how to make software "green". It’s sad that they didn’t talk about how FOSS would be a great step to make software more environmentally friendly. But instead just focusing on efficient code.

Is there a better way to execute a program with privileges than using the terminal in i3wm?

Syncthing can be a real CPU hog!

There were a few files which couldn't be synced.

The result of that:
Syncthing constantly re-scanned the folder those files were in causing my batteries to drain a lot faster 🔥 .

I'm preparing for a pilot project for a school. This project is about using Linux instead of Windows. Which Distros should I consider?

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The DXVK developer: "entering maintenance mode".

Part of the reason stated by himself: "Most of the 1.4.x releases introduced major regressions which I cannot reproduce, and therefore cannot debug and fix..."

Doitsujin is handling this project quite alone! He needs help.

Valve, please: hire him full-time so he can refactor, assign manpower to lower the workload.

Read all and please spread the word ==>

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@sm0g @Ghosty Can anyone explain to me why everyone likes go? It's a language designed for networked machines and large codebases, with other words; it was written for the Google cloud. Why is so popular for the desktop and small applications?

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