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@hund @istvan Then please don’t look at my desk. Your heart would stop :P

@Gauge I think you might not the answer to this question:
Do you know if it's possible to dynamically update the background of i3lock or is there a similar software solution that allows that? :D

My girlfriend considers people who pay money in a pay-to-win app to be "cheating".

Never thought about it like that, but I think she's right.

I'm thinking about trying linux-zen as kernel. Does anyone have some experience with it. Would like to hear about it. :)

Can we please stop using this proprietary US based service for libre software projects now?

"GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing US trade sanctions"

For anyone curious. This is how GOG 2.0 looks like. (Shows my "imported" Steam library)

gog is actively blocking the download of GOG 2.0 for "other OSs" :(. I had to spoof my OS with some weird Firefox plugin.
And the best part about it. I just started it up with wine and it installed and started completely fine.

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I switched from kitty to st today! :)
I also had to remove my emoji font (ttf-joypixels). With it st would crash when there were any emojis.

I think I‘ll leave Mastodon (or will be inactive AF). It‘s not what it was 1 or 2 years ago.
It was really good to start conversations.
It was more like a family than a group.
It was more interesting.

I don’t know if I changed or Mastodon changed.
Anyway I‘ll step back and search for something new :).
It was an honor to talk to y‘all!

Thank You!

1. Day of using simple terminal.
(It’s been a month since I wanted to start using it btw :P)

So far I‘m happy with it. The configuration is a bit more complex in my opinion but I get used it more and more.

Currently working on a project called goArtix. In the end It’ll be a script that will be similar like LARBS but that it uses Artix as underlying distro and it‘ll be small so that it can be installed on USB sticks.

Fully moved over to bedrock Linux.
Was the easiest thing on this planet.
I have artix and devuan running currently 🏃

Finally trying out bedrock Linux. I love that they now include a script that does the base.

*suckless Terminal lol. I switched something up.

I guess its finally time to give st (simple terminal) a try

Luv You Long Time 

Luv You Long Time 

@Ghosty it does create a .part. Problem is mediafire not allowing me to rip the uri to download for some reason. It is so hard to transfer large files over the internet.

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