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Why do people even use the Mastodon Twitter crossposter? It bloats up our feeds with content that the OP won't even see the replies to.

Yeet I got it.
(Changes since this screenshot, added clear to the end of the top file, haven't tested that yet)

Ok i *think* i got it, about to reboot.

How do I change the colours of ttys on startup?
I'm thinking of a systemd service.

I already have a file that changes the colours on login ( ), but I have absolutely no idea how to execute it on every tty on startup.

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@DashEquals captions should help those with disabilities to understand what crucial information image conveys in most simple way. They shouldn't be used as an extension or postscript of the post.


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The #Olang website is now live! It's just the home page and a couple of "coming soon" pages at the moment, but it's a start!

The site relies on no JavaScript at all and loads wonderfully quickly.

Stay tuned for lexical specification to start turning up in the Docs section when I have the time to do so!

can be found in my dots repo as bin/select_st although it uses `tabbed`

(If you don't understand the clock, the time of this screenshot is 12:30)

Trying a new panel layout (Thanks @OTheB )

On the left is the clock - left side of that is hours, each bar is 3 hours, - on the right side of it is minutes, in bars of 15 minutes.

On the center is the workspaces

And on the right is the volume.

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Worst thing atm:

Websites that put authentication and the thing you're authenticating for on different domains so the sites *don't even fucking work properly*. Get stuck in an infinite login loop unless I disable container tabs. It's just stupid and completely useless.

@Gauge I *think* I know the problem. I was using -qscale 0 instead of -q:v 0, the first one did nothing since it was "ambiguous"

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