What are your thoughts on firefox's new megabar? (Basically a floating autocomplete box) (I've disabled other search engines so the bottom box where you select what to search with is gone)

Actually trying a light theme. I know I've shown light themes in screenshots before, but I wasn't actually using them anywhere else. I did use the blurry firefox config for a while though, but that's about it.

On a more positive note, I forgot how nice this bar looks.

Yeet I got it.
(Changes since this screenshot, added clear to the end of the top file, haven't tested that yet)

Trying a new panel layout (Thanks @OTheB )

On the left is the clock - left side of that is hours, each bar is 3 hours, - on the right side of it is minutes, in bars of 15 minutes.

On the center is the workspaces

And on the right is the volume.

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