@Gauge Nope. I expect it won't turn up for a while.

@OTheB Hmm that's odd. Maybe restart your client?

@Gauge Doing that now. It's taking a while though. Hopefully not the homeserver dying rip.

@Gauge Oh no it's loaded now. Messages just appeared now. Bizarre.


@OTheB Okay so now it's 5 mins instead of 90. Way better.

@Gauge Better, but still fucking terrible for chat. Think I'll just leave it and see if it improves tomorrow.

@OTheB The homeserver is probably overloaded currently. *But* the unixporn room uses the same homeserver and it's instant for me :thonk:

@Gauge Matrix rooms aren't tied to servers. They exist across all the servers that have members in the room, so the homeserver I'm on is just slow atm.

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