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#vim has two modes: One where it mangles your text while you type and one where your text suddenly contains literal ":wq!"s.

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- minor adjustments since yesterday's post. The yellow is slightly more orange, i turned conky off, made the icons on the panel stand out less, also made the background colours slightly more saturated.

Happy Easter!

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I can also toggle my panel with my mouse (Button back from the scroll wheel + the forward button) or my keyboard. (Super + T)

because I forgot to do it yesterday and it's probably still sunday for the rest of the world

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Also wanted to show my shell theme, but it doesn't really fit in the screenshot.

I quite like The Lego Batman Movie and Shazam!

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When #Cloudflare and #Google prevent you from watching a government's parliamentary debates. Does that count as interfering with democratic processes?

And no, you don't get a chance to prove to a computer that you're human, this is a hard lock out, disguesed as a CAPTCHA.

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