It used to have git info and say how long the last command took (If it took longer than 5s) but I removed that to make it more responsive.

I want to change my zsh prompt, any ideas?

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Someone put on Bohemian Rhapsody at work, but it's a fake. Different people. It's wrong, I hate it.

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My "The programming culture sucks" opinion is on my website now.

(I already had it prepared so that I could post something after being away for a short period)

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Its worse than I thought. 19.10 is completely removing 32-bit software support outright.

This will completely break legacy application support, gaming (especially Steam), and even modern software like Wine.

At least is retaining 32-bit software support, for now.

Why does lemonbar sometimes ignore clicks?

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On a more positive note, I forgot how nice this bar looks.

It must have been a bug or something and a reboot fixed it :thonk:

Oh wait nevermind, I am literally retarded, it was software, the right speaker was 5% lower. I checked that though?

Fucking hell.
I was changing my volume and suddenly the right speaker stopped working (Well the volume is low compared the the other speaker, no it's not software). They were my mother's too.

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