Anyone with unity engine experience willing to explain how indirect lighting works? I'm trying to implement a pbr shader in my lwjgl renderer using this article * but I'm not sure how to render the light reflected off of other objects, should I just render a cubemap of the scene around the object.

What are your opinions on the current state of linux gaming? Will I soon be able to use my windows hard drive for something more useful?

Im having an issue where my laptop freezes a couple seconds after I open the lid. I use arch btw

Im getting the feeling im an idiot, guess I dont know much about fonts.

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Does anyone know if i3 can use ttf fonts? I cant seem to get inconsolata working on i3bar

Anyone know of a way I could control cmus with i3blocks?

I wonder if linux viruses will become more common as chromebooks get more popular. The attack surface is getting larger and the users are less often computer-literate than the GNU/Linux community. What do you guys think?

Anyone else having trouble installing the python multiprocessing module on archlinux?


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...