@kookie You should probably check the lint catcher on the drain pipe of the washing machine. You may find out the hard way where your socks have gone.

My DVD player is a Playstation 2 because it's still the year 2000 in my house I guess.

@Madcucks @uncles_lumbago @tfmonkey Ah, the Disinformation Governance Board is the new twitter replacement. Does the same job but with taxpayer money. Now it makes sense.

What's the difference between THE biggest billionaire controlling twitter and a board composed of THE REST of the biggest billionaires controlling twitter? The platform will either continue it's downward spiral or something else will happen. Who cares? That's why mastodon exists.

@uncles_lumbago @tfmonkey because the stock is tanking. The quarterly report is coming out soon, or already did by now, and they wanted to sell quick before everyone found out just how much less Elon should have paid for it. Stock holders could potentially sue the board for intentionally loosing their money by not accepting the deal. Could be something like that, who knows.

@dasgeek I have done it. It works very well. You symlink the zypper repo file to the dnf repo file and either one pulls from the same sources. en.opensuse.org/SDB:DNF

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@unfa That might be the next step considering sanctions haven't done anything. It will be WWIII though and USA doesn't have the energy independence to last.

@dasgeek Nice video about openSUSE TW. I agree with you about the road bumps, I have a list of my own: It's the slowest GUI installer I know of, zypper can't do parallel downloads so upgrades are slow, Yast utilities sometimes conflict with DE included utilities (Yast printers & KDE printers, which should I use?), removing patterns don't remove all the packages even if you just installed the pattern yourself. Little things that feel like you're re-learning linux over again. Love the content!

@geekgonecrazy @ChrisWere Just listened to the opus version of the podcast in Firefoxr on my mobile phone.

@ChrisWere Opus. I hadn't heard about bandcamp, thanks for the update.

@dasgeek daily wire or timcast perhaps? I'm on the same search myself, just Canada edition.

@unfa Versillian Studio makes great instruments. Long time user!

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Prog-Metal genius, Arjen Lucassen, summons forth another great album. youtu.be/vn7P3oVMnys
Had the pleasure of sharing the stage and hosting Brittany and her band several years ago. Great folks, great talent.

@jbauer definitely seen these in Canada but not sure if they are around anymore. Basically a base station with a wireless handset but uses a cell network.

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@SolusSpider Gillan is freaking awesome. Would have loved to see more tracks come out of that "Who Cares" project/super-group. Pictures of Home is probably my favourite DP track but I've never heard it played or talked about anywhere.

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