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If you're sharing a link with a ?utm= string at the end. DON'T. Strip that shit out. That's a tracking string and probably most people here won't boost that toot.

On my de-googled Lineage OS, some apps like Slack and Discord (I'm using Cut the Cord from F-droid) never send notifications. I do not have admin privileges to the Slack workspaces so I can't set up a matrix bridge or anything. On Desktop I use Pidgin with plugins to get my messages. Is there something like this in the F-droid store that might work around the notification problem?

Found out what a gerotor is and isn't the other day. Unfortunately not the "off-the-shelf" kind of part.

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Half stood-up to flip the record when there was some dead air on the radio 🤓 🤦‍♂️

We know the negative affects of smoking. We tell our kids not to do it and try to get our friends to quit. We also know the negative affects of social media, yet I'm still here. Do the pros outweigh the cons? Something I've been thinking about lately.

Fediverse: "FOSS! Linux! Free as in speech not as in beer!"

Elon: "Free speech!"

Fediverse: "OUTRAGE!"

We'll get through this together, people, just don't look up anything Richard Stallman's ever said I guess.

My DVD player is a Playstation 2 because it's still the year 2000 in my house I guess.

What's the difference between THE biggest billionaire controlling twitter and a board composed of THE REST of the biggest billionaires controlling twitter? The platform will either continue it's downward spiral or something else will happen. Who cares? That's why mastodon exists.

@dasgeek Nice video about openSUSE TW. I agree with you about the road bumps, I have a list of my own: It's the slowest GUI installer I know of, zypper can't do parallel downloads so upgrades are slow, Yast utilities sometimes conflict with DE included utilities (Yast printers & KDE printers, which should I use?), removing patterns don't remove all the packages even if you just installed the pattern yourself. Little things that feel like you're re-learning linux over again. Love the content!

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Prog-Metal genius, Arjen Lucassen, summons forth another great album.
Had the pleasure of sharing the stage and hosting Brittany and her band several years ago. Great folks, great talent.

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The open-source multiplayer FPS game I'm working on with a small team has been migrated to #Codeberg! No more issues with cloning the repository! (though give me a while to make sure all LFS data is present there!)

#Liblast #GameDev #OpenSource#Libre #FreeSoftware #FOSS

@hyperbola 2022 marks the EOL for the current release. Just wondering how Hyperbola BSD is going? Any way to test it yet?

Who remembers Koolaid points? I wonder if these have appreciated any since 1996.

I made a video testing out-of-the-box round trip latency between Pulseaudio and Pipewire on Linux Mint 20.3 Beta. It's probably super boring for most people, just watch it at 2x speed. Link in the video description to the PPA I used to get recent Pipewire packages.

I'm going to give Fedora 35 Cinnamon a try. I've used Linux Mint for many years so it's a bit of a learning curve. I'm mostly interested in the pipewire implementation but I've already had to restart my system after waking from a suspend and all my audio devices were gone. systemctl restart pipewire.service did not help. With pulseaudio --kill and --start always worked. You can really tell the difference in round trip latency though, pipewire is more consistant & much faster.

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I was so impressed with PipeWire for handling audio I decided to learn to edit videos to make this.

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