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Decisions decisions. Is it better to wire a 65C816 up for 24bit addressing or just use 16bits, saving all the mux crap and use a bankable memory card. The latter avoids the problems with the brain dead stack and DP in the low 64K limits. #6502

Retro-boards need retro docs. The 6303 RC2014 CPU card now has a manual - in daisywheel font, with bad photocopy effects including misaligned pages and curvature. Fun with


Interesting that newcomer has a logo very carefully shaped to look like NUMA. Not sure it's a good name globally though. In the UK Nuvia is a nuclear company heavily involved in nuclear waste cleanups...
Still if anyone can shake up the CPU world they must be good contenders.

Today on the project list - the joy of bitbanging a PS/2 keyboard in RC2014. But hey - it works really well. With TMS9918A video, a keyboard, a mouse, sound and joystick it's almost achieved home computer status 8)

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In community member un1corn posted "the most complex project I have done to date", a W. Allchin steam traction engine, at

are like underpants - they cover your arse so you don't get sued

Arghh.. the moment you realize you've wired the reset line to the data in clock on your latch and the data in clock to reset. That does explain a lot of weird behaviour. More blue wires required

's AI has figured out my gaming preferences it last. It's offering me nothing but indy games with a price tag below £2 8)

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Is trust...

Please explain / justify / argue / query in responses. Boosts appreciated.

#trust #knowledge #emotion #behavior #behaviour #mastoPoll

Another chunk of the historic internet about to end up in the recycle bin. Hopefully much of it is archived somewhere for posterity

6502 board with I/O at a sensible location tested, 6502 Fuzix now running on RC2014 real hardware.

Just for some reason it hates WDC CPUs. Rockwell are fine - weird.

Error message of the week

"The command "exit 0" failed with exit status "1", program is prematurely aborted"

If it's proprietary software bound to the cloud it can vanish. Presumably Venezuela will lose Windows, Android and more too... no doubt China will take note


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...