@jwildeboer More likely more French support for taxes on foreign digital goods, investigations into GDPR compliance of big companies and so on. There are ways and means ;)

@strypey IMHO 25 would be fine if that also included a) strong accessibility regulation and b) liability law so people could sue the asses off those who sell products/services not fit for purpose rather than just for physical goods.

@jwildeboer Sounds like someone's lawyer forgot to include the $1Bn cancellation fee clause 8)

@pronto There was email long before TCP/IP - Look up UUCP

@pronto At the moment it maps the various Wiznet chips to the kernel socket API. There is a somewhat messy interface to use uIP but that needs resurrecting after I changed the core network interfaces. For the 8bit platforms the TCP/IP is very much a work in progress because of the memory requirements

Fuzix for ESP8266 now has all the other bits filled in and since there just about enough GPIO lines it also supports TCP/IP via a WizNET 5500. Yes you can irc on an ESP8266.

@jwildeboer The mission creep is inevitable - Apple are not going to be able to stop "lets look fro missing children" , "lets look for criminals in the background", "lets look for un-government saved memes"

@vertigo Fine by me - my version is btw kind of dead now I have real 65C816 hardware and emulation of that

The ESP8266 port David Given got to single tasking I now have happily multitasking. Fuzix is ridiculously snappy at 80MHz even with SD card as swap and one task in RAM at a time.

@msh @brennen @doctormo Agrreed - for certain classes of work some countries are using definitions that seem to work for quality of product rules on digital works. They land the duty on the person who sells, or provides free with a paid subscription or similar business arrangement.IoT has its own issues - in a lot of countries there is liability for injury/death caused through negligence that is not disclaimable (although it has lots of defences for free stuff) and applies regardless.

@penguin42 @brennen @doctormo

The bad side of that is you then can't easily fix overarching architectural problems, and also the 'why write it when I've got a library' mind set which leads people to complain their half-interpreted message broker talking formatted text files over https is too slow.. or my favourite - 4G modems talking a serial multiplexing protocol over an emulated serial link over a USB port

@msh @brennen @doctormo A lot of that is also to do with the failure of liability law in software and services. Cars used to be like that until the companies were made responsible in varying degrees for the product

@brennen @doctormo but if you don't scale it then it will be expensive pizza of very variable quality 8)

I don't think most people get *how* expensive good software is to create. The fact we are still using stone-age tools doesn't help but you aren't going to get good software out of micropayments - heck you can't get good software out of the contracting 1K here, 1K there kind of funding model!

If you want good pizza make your own 8)

@wizzwizz4 Most messaging systems should be just fine. What you don't want is multiple people writing to bits of the same thing or people writing to stuff that you want a private read only copy of.
Given dbus manages all the gnome authentication it sounds to me more like dbus needs a way to set up a direct non mediated connection betwen the app and the accessibility engine. The hangs also sound like there is stuff on the firefox end that is using the blocking dbus APIs not events

@wizzwizz4 @alexbuzzbee Shared memory tends to be slower than you'd expect now we've got 16 cores fighting for access to the same object

@wizzwizz4 "shall we pick the big turd or the bigger turd". CORBA died in most use cases because it was too much overhead - even though ORBit is probably one of the fastest brokers there is. D Bus actually managed to be slower - which is an achievement in itself.

If you have to use some big pile of steaming middleware pick something fast. If you really want speed then yes dump the middleware or only use it to set up and authenticate a connection

Also make sure it's a nonblocking API

@doctormo @brennen The problem is that software is like Pizza. It only scales if you can convince everyone that their super-customized-personally-tuned edition is in fact made with 5 of the 12 available standard toppings.

Efficient software development means maximising users, and minimising configurations so any large effective software either ignores the rarer cases or sort of supports them but is buggy as hell when you try it.

Of course low user base software is even buggier and expensive

I've finally figured out how to explain to a child to not interrupt you whilst doing your tax returns - you tell them its the paperwork version of a boss fight

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