If you get forced to self quarantine for 14 days what game are you going to play

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@EtchedPixels a whole backlog of #PS3 and #Steam games I haven't even started playing yet.
I'd also wouldn't mind getting back into #Diablo3 on the PS3.

But, I'm a stay-at-home dad with a 1½ year old to take care of, so not much would change for me personally I guess. I guess if my SO also had to stay in, I guess I'd have a bit more time to myself to do some gaming then?

I'd go nuts without a walk outside every now and then though...

@EtchedPixels "What did Economists get wrong _this_ time?"

My favourite, after trolling newbies on IRC.

I played Witcher 3 while hors de combat after my vasectomy. Today I might play Stardew Valley or get around to giving Baldurs Gate 2 some attention.

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