The disconnect between generations is sometimes really funny. Kato (big model train maker) and U Tokyo have released a booklet aimed at getting more kids into railway modelling and related skills. It's a paper booklet you order online and send a stamped addressed envelope for. I know its a space mostly occupied by old people but I can't even begin to imagine *how* it got to that state without someone saying 'Umm.... hold on what about a PDF file'

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@EtchedPixels Forget about the PDF. If they want to attract the youngsters, they need an Instagram account.

@mansr Not even sure about that - the kids seem to think instagram is some sad thing for 20somethings 8)

@EtchedPixels Well, that's how out of touch I am. Must be getting old.

How about a Minecraft mod where you build trains?

@mansr All a lot more sophisticated than that already with modern train sim stuff.

@EtchedPixels Privacy minded, cloud-independent solution, future-proofed, works on all devices, no batteries needed.

@EtchedPixels pff, forget about all that! I want it delivered by one of their model trains!

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