Interesting that newcomer has a logo very carefully shaped to look like NUMA. Not sure it's a good name globally though. In the UK Nuvia is a nuclear company heavily involved in nuclear waste cleanups...
Still if anyone can shake up the CPU world they must be good contenders.

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@EtchedPixels All the good start up names went! I think everyone involving an 'x' was used up sometime in the early 2000's. still, will be fun to watch what yet another cpu vendor tries to cook up.

@EtchedPixels Well, the CPU arena is increasingly looking like a nuclear waste dump that could use a good cleaning up ....

@EtchedPixels Do you know anything, or you're just supporting NUVIA because Jon would not go to a bad place?

@pro I'm neither knowing or supporting. I just found the careful way they'd made the logo look like NUMA interesting

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