Another federversal generation poll. Please boost.

I am from the /x/ generation:

I'm more an #MSX rather than #C64 user, so LOAD "*",8,1 would be BLOAD "CAS:<filename>",R for me. ;)

@FiXato I've heard of MSX's but only seen what look like renders of them. Never read about them in any books growing up.

What were they like?

@drwho not that different from the #C64 I guess, though what was the biggest difference I guess, is that #MSX is a standard, rather than a specific brand/model.
Where a #Commodore64 was always a #Commodore, an MSX model could be made by #Philips, #Sony, #Sanyo, #Panasonic, #Canon, #Mitsubishi, etc.
Each of them having the same minimum specs, but differing in style, build quality, peripherals, more RAM, extra soundchips, etc, but all with the promise of being able to run the same software.

@FiXato Fascinating!

What was the OS like? DOS like? Commodore like?

@drwho in that aspect the #MSX was similar to the #Commodore I guess, as by default it ran #Microsoft's #MSXBASIC which was used to load programmes from disk and data cassette, or to programme your own in it.
However, software could also be loaded from cartridge, and other operating systems could also be loaded from disk, with MS's #MSXDOS ( and (not to be confused with MS-DOS) probably the most popular alternative. As well as CP/M Plus.

there were also some more #Windows like things, such as Ease, but those were more like frontends to #MSXDOS and application launchers / home office suites.

Examples of more modern #homebrew OSes for the #MSX include #SymbOS (which started on #Amstrad #CPC afaik) and IIRC programmes written for that can be run on any #Z80 system that runs SymbOS.
Another I believe would be @EtchedPixels's #Fuzix.


@FiXato @drwho Fuzix on MSX needs a lot of love and reworking.
SymbOS is neat - kind of an 8bit AmigaOS in feel

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