Watched Citizen four. And man am I paranoid now. I feel like junking my google home etc...

Oh man this weekend my main computer got Ubuntu. I've been having some issues with my Nas and a couple DVD Blu-ray drives and believe it or not Ubuntu fixed it well most of it. I actually like Ubuntu and gnome. This is the first time I've tried either but I kind of like it.

So with this whole Nas deal that I bought, I know it's not a backup so I've been thinking about my backups and decided I was going to do archivable blu-rays or DVDs whatever. Bought an M disk LG Blu-ray player burner combo and had to buy an enclosure for it of course cuz no computer case has slots for DVD Blu-ray drives. So far I'm just ripping my all my media haven't tried actually saving any of my stuff just yet. Had anyone else gone this route?

Going back to my Nas deal. I think I'm just going to buy a Qnap/Synology nas and call it a day

What are you guys using as a NAS? I recently did the raspberry Pi openmediavault/Plex server. But don't have much faith on SD cards (PI). So I was thinking of repurposing an old laptop and maybe trying something different than openmediavault. I have to 4 terabyte hard drives I know this laptop has one 3.0 USB I can just get a little hub for it. Or should I just go ahead and bite the bullet and get a Synology or something like that.

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So my son had a cold gave me the cold now I got to stay home until this covid-19 test comes back clear.. time to do raspberry pi stuff. I've got a 8gb raspberry pi I wonder if I can do a Nas and put Plex Media server on it. Do you guys have any advice?

Mechanical keyboards: out of curiosity for those of you using mechanical keyboards what are you guys using and have you had any issues on Linux with them?

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Finally got my raspberry pi 4 8gb. Now the fun begins

Man buying a computer nowadays is making my head hurt. I was looking for a Budget build maybe going with an OptiPlex, but they are asking for crazy money. So I decided I'm going to build my Semi-budget PC. Not much of a gamer these days but wouldn't mind it sometimes. I'm sure of one thing I'm going AMD this time around.

Can't seem to get a response on a Dell forums I have someone letting me pick between 3 computers kind of a favor complicated. All 3 Dell computers optiplex790 Dt(I5 second gen), 980, precision 1500 (I5 first gen) I really don't know what I'm going to do with it probably run a few VM's I don't know (Nas) or get an inexpensive video card and do a little bit of light gaming.

Morning rant. I hate my boss and the reason for this is he takes my ideas I suggest says no I don't think I'll be a good idea and then sells it to everybody else has his own idea but says to keep it from me. Hard to give up a job that pays really well. But my resume is going up.

Giving up on Linux mint on my buddies laptop. Still get the track pad to work. If only I could install Arch on his laptop I could fix it.

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How to make brightness up/down keys work on , for real.

Not sure if it was like this before I flashed the keyboard firmware, but anyway, the brightness up/down keys didn't register as normal XF86MonBrightnessUp/Down keys. According to both evtest and xev they didn't have a mapping.

Using evtest I was able to get their scancodes, and then all that was needed was to create an udev hwdb definition.


Crap downloaded latest version of Linux mint on my friends computer in the freakin touch pad doesn't work. Doing my research online but I'm coming up with nothing. And this is why I like the Arch Wiki.

So I decided on the raspberry pi 4 2gb for my pi- hole. I feel I future proofed a little going with this one.

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