This round of updates should be nice and quick.

At least most of them don't seem too bad individually (especially since most of the rebuilds are python stuff).

How are init debates still a thing when we've apparently had the perfect init system for a couple years?

Unless I'm forgetting any, I think the magic number is 2.

The magic number for how many times I can scrap an entire video's worth of footage because I forgot to hook my mic up to OBS before I just make a jack-matchmaker rule to hook it up for me.

Although I should probably make a habit of looking at the audio bar to make sure it's picking something up before I hit "record" going forward...

Connected via ssh and checked journalctl. It took a bit to find the part where maliit-keyboard starting having issues. Once I found that bit, I noticed it complained about not finding some anthy-related file. Installed anthy, rebooted, and it works again.

So if anyone wants to enable Japanese support in maliit (which plasma mobile uses, not sure about anything else), make sure to install anthy first.

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It's been about 2 hours since I put Arch Arm on my PPP, and I've already managed to get the onscreen keyboard in a completely unusable state. Curious to see if I can fix this without just reflashing.

The shirt I put on this morning before seeing today's tech news

This is the ideal PR. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Had some wifi issues recently, so I got a nice giggle out of reading about Odysee completely eliminating buffering while I was getting some of the worst buffering I've had in years in another Odysee tab.
Luckily, the USB wifi adapter I got seems to be helping.

So I walked away while librewolf was updating, and came back to find the st window it was updating in was gone. I opened a new st window to check the portage logs, went to the bottom of the relevant log, and st closed itself again. Checking the logs in sakura, I found probably the funniest thing I've seen an update get interrupted by: my terminal crashed because it saw emoji in the build output.

I'm not sure I understand how this new section in YT Studio works. Most of the stuff it lists for my viewers' searches is Linux-related, but this is somehow at the top?

Scrolling the local feed, and has seriously been trending for a solid chunk of the day? Beautiful if true

I think my system hit peak irony today.
I gave myself a personal challenge a little while back to try getting my system fully systemd-free without just straight-up breaking everything, and part of that was switching out (e)udev for libudev-zero and mdevd. The overlay I added for those keyworded mdevd to ~amd64 recently, so that joined udev and eudev in being masked.
I didn't have systemd masked, so portage tried to give me all of systemd.
As a direct result of me trying to remove systemd.

Tweaking my kernel config since it's been a while, and it's kinda fun seeing the various options where I went against the help text's advice and just wondering what my thought process was.

Past me, what did you know that I don't remember?

Definitely not concerning at all to see haveibeenpwned is apparently trending

I tried recording a thing last night, so the smart thing to do tonight would've been trying to edit that to see if I need to rerecord or if it's good. I decided to play around with other clothes and accessories in Custom Cast instead (including the gun that exists as a holdable item for some reason)

Earlier today, I had enough tabs open that I only got like 2 letters and the close button on the selected one. The two letters were "Am" and, glancing at it, my mind immediately went to "Amogus".

Maybe it's a good thing my wifi sometimes forgets how to wifi, because this seems like solid proof that I need to go outside more.

My wifi: absolutely crawling along
Me: still insisting on trying to do borderline nothing online instead of doing things that don't involve this slow connection

Real big brain hours here

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