As much as we should push for Free/Libre or Open Source software, if there’s one thing I hate more than anything its DRM. DRM makes it so you don’t even own the things that you purchase.. I say that’s bullshit.

support DRM-Free sources:

@Ehardy18 It's just crappy encryption that's illegal to break. Literally nothing about it is well thought out.

@megriffin I used to be cool with DRM, but then i noticed that it only really serves to inconvenience and control money-paying customers. because the DRM usually gets cracked anyways by people who didnt plan on buying the game in the first place.

@Ehardy18 Here's some of my own recommendations:

* - A curated selection from the Internet Archive.
* Man From Earth
* The Blender Open Movies (shorts)
* Magus Elgar (audio comedy)
* & (nonfiction)

Any other DRM-free movies for me to check out?

@Ehardy18 I've since had to update this list, because the link broke and I've found more audio shows to recommend.

including The Red Panda Adventures, Murder at Avedon Hill, and (if you want something so bizarely scarry it's funny) Welcome to Night Vale.

I maintain this list at

@Ehardy18 DRM can only exist in proprietary software so pushing for free software includes pushing against DRM as well, by definition.

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