thanks for voting. time to switch to Manjaro!

Switching away from OpenSUSE on my laptop because my VPN isn't working how i wish it to work. I'm trying to pick where to go next.

Also, sorry for my extended absence, ive been not doing too well, but i'm better now.

I have switched my laptop to OpenSUSE leap with KDE! So far not bad at all

So is Librem 5 going to be a fully-fledged Linux smartphone or should i stick to android 😂

finally set up my new (to me) laptop, a Dell Lattitude E5540, the battery life and screen are very nice!

was our Instance down yesterday? i wasn't able to log in at all

After many hours my vintage PC/test bench desk is finished and improved!

KDE Marble is a wonderful program! highly recommend if you love maps and cartography!

trying out FreeBSD 12.1 in a VM today, cannot get sound to work at all but luckily display drivers are in and i can still mess around

After much work with this old netbook, I have finally set up my first Devuan system!

(Please excuse shaky camera)

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I've heard of programs like Marble and Nasa World Wind, but unfortunately the best program feature-wise overall is google earth.

I hate that the only good geographical program that shows shipwreck data and oceanographic history is made by Google. i purposely removed things like Google play music and chrome from my computer only to end up needing Google Earth for my hobbies

I hope they make a Librem Tablet. I'm excited for the new Librem 5. But I don't think I would ever be able to afford it

*all roms are DRM-Free* as long as you can obtain one.

*there are legal ways to obtain roms even from nintendo*

*it is not illegal to use an emulator*

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