An update after using Silverblue on hardware for 2 weeks.

I love it! Also answering viewer questions.

Fedora Silverblue might just be the future of how Linux can run if you're looking for a solid reliable OS. Check it out!

Install Arch if you've never tried it before. It's really not that bad! I'll show you...

Arch Linux on hardware went smooth and works great!
Cinnamon 😁

Ubuntu with Cinnamon.
It's like Mint, but it's not. 😜

Ubuntu backtracks and says it is NOT dropping support for 32-bit. But it IS freezing the 32-bit archives, so no more updates.

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Fedora 30... that's on my mind.
It's been a long time since I used it back when it was only RedHat in the late 90's.

Runs great even on my 10-year old Core2 Quad system, but dnfdragora is a slow horrible GUI...

@architect Thanks! Yes the Ritchie thing was bad, I meant to say Unix but said Linux for whatever reason and didn't notice until long after it was uploaded, my bad. And I only mentioned BSD to keep it relevant towards Linux since most people know it compared to the Mach Kernel or Nextstep... 😁 Cheers!

Every wonder what all the Linux directories are for? Check this out:

@unfa @sara But if it's not a slider switch, but push buttons where you press one and the other pops out, then this inward shadow indicates that the ON button is pushed in 😜

Horrible design...

Final release of Manjaro 18.0 due at the end of this upcoming week.

Watch for reviews of each official desktop on my YouTube channel prior to release to see what's new!

XFCE 4.13
KDE 5.14
Gnome 3.30

Cheers to the Manjaro team for working with me the past couple weeks in reviews and testing, and early access!

@malin I haven't noticed any YouTube issues the past couple hours. Maybe you had an issue with your connection?

@Batcastle Oh... I thought you wanted to clone existing official repos...
In that case, you only need file access, even just FTP is fine.
You just need the right file/folder structure and release file.
Read here

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