Trying to set up an apt repo on a web server without terminal access is a pain in the butt. If anyone has experience manually setting up apt repos, please DM me. I need help. 😂

@Batcastle Look me up on YouTube. I made a how-to. I use one at home.

@DorianDotSlash I just looked at it, and while it's a great tutorial, I don't have command line access. Some of the stuff you do may be useful, but for what I am doing, most of it won't work. Sorry, thanks for the effort though!


@Batcastle Ah, that makes things more difficult with no terminal access... especially since you need to set up a cronjob to update the mirror, or manually use the apt-mirror command. Not sure how you’ll get this done to be honest.

@DorianDotSlash Where there is a will, there is a way. Besides, it won't be a mirror. It's the main repo. I'll find a way.

@Batcastle Oh... I thought you wanted to clone existing official repos...
In that case, you only need file access, even just FTP is fine.
You just need the right file/folder structure and release file.
Read here

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