Anyone know how to block an entire instance from the federated timeline?

My search only led to other people asking how to do this....

@DorianDotSlash I asked the same when got . It helps using but people do not like seeing them. Try without them though.

@nergal I just want the entire instance blocked from my federated timeline. Bots annoy me. Might as well just stay on Twitter for that 😞

@DorianDotSlash I like the one that sends pictures from the south pole. Also find the one reporting communication satellite status kool. It is like SNMP but on a satellite network. Mute them as they come I guess.

The only way I'm aware of is an instance-wide block (i.e. our instances no longer see each other), and we try to use that sparingly.
Mastodon's still growing, so hopefully before much longer that'll be an option in the user's toolbox too, not just instance admins

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