Seems every time I scroll the federated timeline I end up adding 50 people to my mute list.

Hopefully there isn't a limit lol

@DorianDotSlash why mute them if hey have not spoken to you? That seems like early vigilance.

@nergal Just people who fill up the timeline posting garbage, doing nothing but swearing (children....), basically spamming my view. Oh and also bots. So annoying.

@DorianDotSlash sounds like you describe public timeline. You could try muting the bot that crawls the other timelines: the one you allowed to follow you when you just signed up. I think you had to follow it too?

@DorianDotSlash I just don't look at the federated timeline. Too much NSFW content on there without CW.

@DorianDotSlash I once tried to look at the federated timeline on and was blinded. :)

@DorianDotSlash There is so much on there that confuses me. I mean, it's awesome that there is a community for everyone out there but... 🤯

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