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GParted 1.0, #AMD Ryzen 3000, Zorin OS, Krita, #HiddenWasp, Google #Stadia | This Week in #Linux 69

Also on EP69: HerbsluftWM, IceWM, Snap Store, #System76, Dell, PyGamer, Unity Editor, #PopOS, Happy Birthday to #distrowatch & #phoronix

Destination EP124 – Jason Evangelho of Forbes

In DL124 Evangelho of .com. He is a podcaster, tech enthusiast, Linux advocate. We talk to Jason about his work, his Linux journey and the community.

Destination EP123 – Pepperminty Fresh & Anter-goes A-Huawei

On DL123 Linux Project Ends,0# Blackarch Linux New Release, Leap 15.1 Released, Xfce 4.14 Pre-Release, 10 Released, 67 Released, In Trouble, Making Drivers Integration Even Easier, Eagle Island, Irkalla Stunning Pixelated Game

Destination Linux EP122 – Richard Brown of openSUSE

On this episode of Destination Linux we sit down with Richard Brown , of , for an interview about his journey into and becoming the Chairman of openSUSE

10% OFF Discount for "Linux is Everywhere" Merch (& TWinL 68 Announcement)


Announcement at the end of the video:

North America:


.#Zombieload, #Nextcloud, Peppermint 10, #KDE Plasma, #IPFire, ArcoLinux, #LuneOS & more on Episode 67 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also TWinL67: #SouthEastLinuxFest, Superpaper, #Pinephone,# Valve: SteamOS, #Steam Client Beta, #Proton, #Sony & #Microsoft to Explore Collaboration, id Software Going #Vulkan

#Linux @TuxDigital

Having technical difficulties with @YouTube streaming . . . it is saying I am live in the studio but nothing is going live. Apparently I will just be streaming on Twitch.

A new episode of @ThisWeekinLinux is about to go LIVE in about 30 minutes! Don't miss it! New participation experiment this week. Everyone can watch live, Patrons will be able to join me on the stream via Discord! :D #Linux

Destination EP120 – Negatively Charged Positivity

30, 2019.02, live, Privacy Suite, Addons Bug, AMD Offerings, Edge Browser, Index Joins Khronos Group.

Destination EP119 - Edgy!_Handshake

On DL119 - Pop!_OS 19.04, Scientific Linux Ending, SE350 Server By , GTX1650, Cascade Lake Benchmarks, Handshake give $300,000 To , Store on Linux plus more

# podcast

Destination 118 - Chef Zeb's 19.04 Recipes

On DL118 19.04, 30 Beta, 1.3.2, Goes Open Source, 1.8.0, Applications, Survey, 2019.1, plus our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!

Destination EP117 Digital

On DL117 @MX_Linux 18.2, AV Linux, 2.10.10, 23.1, 2nd Gen Proc, laptops heat up with Hat, ZFS installs, DLC for , plus our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!.

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