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Destination 156 - CES 2020, Disaster Recovery Tips, Fallback Safe Distros?, Firefox

Topics covered in this episode:

New 72 Released
Say No To ZFS In Kernel
New Linux Laptop
Wakes Up

Software Spotlight, Tips & Tricks

Destination 146 - Do You Need a VPN? Guest Hosts: Bo Weaver (Ethical Hacker) & Dolphin Oracle of

Topics covered in this episode:

31 Released
MX 19 Released
70 Released
Punycode Phishing Attack
Do You Need A VPN?
Gets Cooler

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

On Destination 139 - , VPN, , LVFS, Smartwatch, 5.7 Released, WSL

Grow To A Legal Entity
Gets a Proxy VPN
Gets Updated
5.7 Released
LVFS Grows With
Drops Another Surprise
: Calamity TV Show

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

Destination 138 - GNOME 3.34, Firefox 69, Librem 5, Chromebooks, Signal Messenger & more

3.34 Drops This Week, Grub2 Disk 2.04s1 Released.
69 Released
Librem 5 Shipping
Targeting The Enterprise
3D Coming To

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

Destination EP123 – Pepperminty Fresh & Anter-goes A-Huawei

On DL123 Linux Project Ends,0# Blackarch Linux New Release, Leap 15.1 Released, Xfce 4.14 Pre-Release, 10 Released, 67 Released, In Trouble, Making Drivers Integration Even Easier, Eagle Island, Irkalla Stunning Pixelated Game

Destination EP120 – Negatively Charged Positivity

30, 2019.02, live, Privacy Suite, Addons Bug, AMD Offerings, Edge Browser, Index Joins Khronos Group.

Destination EP119 - Edgy!_Handshake

On DL119 - Pop!_OS 19.04, Scientific Linux Ending, SE350 Server By , GTX1650, Cascade Lake Benchmarks, Handshake give $300,000 To , Store on Linux plus more

# podcast

Destination EP113 - Technical Michael

On DL113 - Open Compute Data Centre, 3.32 Released, 1.0 Released, 1.2 is out, "send". Linux Gaming News, our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!.

Destination Linux EP109 – Powered by Radeon

On DL109 - Gaming with Liam . We discuss , , , LinuxTracker woes. news on the VII and our regular Tips, Tricks and Spotlight picks!

Destination Linux EP108 – Ubuntu Studio Amped Up -

on DL108 - An Interview with of Studio. Linux, GNOME 3.32, 2.21. New PC offering from . overclocking tool.

Destination Linux EP107 - Linux Laptop Envy

on DL107: News and reviews for , Awesome Window Manager, 65's announcement for AV1 Standard, Video Editor Olive - New Laptops from and much more

Destination EP106 - Privacy Parrots -

on DL106: Parrot 4.5, Plasma 5.15 Beta, 0.92.4, PureOS Store, Tutanota, Akira Design Tool, Test Pilot, Caffeine


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