We finally made it to Mastodon!!
Might as well get a shameless plug in with our first post :)
Destination Linux EP52 - Coming Soon

@DestinationLinux I was starting to get a bit worried if you got lost on your way over here. :D

@DestinationLinux don't be a shameless you do linux stuff your welcome to plug your show just don't go overboard with it

@DestinationLinux Glad you made it. Loving the show. After discovering you guys a few weeks ago I would put you in my top 3 linux podcasts.

@kelbot That's a high compliment and is much appreciated. Thank you so much for the support

@DestinationLinux Meh. Take a seat. It's crowded here anyway. But next time that late and you sit in the Lunduke corner.

@hil Thank you for the welcome and the seat. we're glad to take the other corner

@DestinationLinux just found out your podcast the other day, really like it!

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