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-'RC' such as in bashrc stands for 'run commands'
-adding a space before your command keeps it from appearing in your terminal's history
-you can view/edit your execution history by running 'history'
-if you're worried about someone editing the history to cover their tracks- you can run a script to save a copy elsewhere in the system or network
-back-up your data weekly. offsite monthly.
-The pinephone is a project phon e- not a iphone replacement
-scrub your metadata of your images before uploading
-developers and package maintainers are people too- dont worship them; never meet your idols
-gatekeeping newbies makes opensource more proprietary
-"overspecialize and you breed in weakness"; don't let your project be overdependant on a 3rd party tool or library
-there are more providers out there than just gitlab,github,bitbucket and sourcehut.
-if you're going to start attending linux/FOSS events, learn to tell UTC timezones or keep a tool handy
-if you're not going to take notes on sessions, then record it and take notes later.

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