Episode 1 is live! Meet our hosts and get a look at what exactly is Enterprise Open Source. Head on over to YouTube or your favorite podcast catcher and listen now!


We Are So Excited! Today is the day that DLN launches a brand new !

"Sudo Show 1: What is Enterprise Open Source" has been released!

Check it out! We'd also like to welcome & to the DLN Family!

Show thread

@DestinationLinux Just out of curiosity, why are the names all random looking strings? What happened to something that describes the content? (Even something like dl-sudo-longnumber would help)

The filenames are random strings now because that's how the distribution platform we use structures it. We don't really have a choice in that matter. However with a podcasting app all of those should be out of sight out of mind sort of thing

@DestinationLinux That's what I figured, but since I download and listen (or put on a USB drive for automotive listening) the filenames would be helpful for organizing. When a couple of podcasts do the same thing, it can be a mess.

This is unfortunately something out of our control unless we use a different distribution platform. Sorry.

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