You don't want to miss 171! This week Jill ( joined us and it's such a fun episode!

Jill's cheerful attitude and awesome computer collection will keep you smiling the whole time, just like we did! 😄🐧

@Linux @DestinationLinux I thought that Jill mentioned also having a Mastodon account? 🙂

@RyuKurisu @DestinationLinux @dasgeek

I gotta put this up in this space too:

Yo Ryan, i just watched the DL episode with Jill (great episode!) and the segment caught my attention where your son is using the Thinkpad with Fedora / GNOME.

The startup time of Firefox seemed stunningly slow though!

Could there be something to do about it? I have much older machines than that in usage and the startup time is not near that long.

To keep the kid happy with Linux 👍

This was a video sent in from a viewer, not Ryan's son so I'm not what the load issues are if there were any.
@RyuKurisu @dasgeek

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