The latest issue of is out with a metric ton of Linux community news from,,,, and much more!

Also, check out that Table of Contents feature! Jump around to any section instantly!

@DestinationLinux We're around in the Fediverse, by the way. 😉

@ManjaroARM @PINE64

I am super happy that you guys are _actually_ here and not just crossposting like many does!
For me atleast, that is important and I think that is true for many here also!


@selea @PINE64 @DestinationLinux Destination Linux seems to be crossposting though.
Can they even see this thread that way?

Yes, we do crosspost for efficiency of workload and we are also _actually_ here too. 😎👍

@selea @PINE64


yeah, that is what I meant. I am happy that you guys are providing "native" content here :)
It is only a one way poster


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