Hey DLN family, what distro are you running right now -- and why?

Let us know here or chat about in our community forum!

@DestinationLinux I'm running #Linux Mint on the family desktop as a home theater PC because it's stable and non-tech-friendly for my family. I'm also running both Pop!_OS and Arch on my personal laptop. The former because it's tailor-made for my System76 Oryx Pro as a high-end gaming rig and the latter because I want to learn to use #archlinux.

Manjaro, because it uses Pacman and allows me to access the AUR repos and it is easy to install and maintain.
It is my daily driver for work too, not just for fun.

Debian at work, my "daily driver", cause it is rock solid.
Mint on my house notebook, because it was easier for my wife.
And puppy on an old Toshiba Pentium dual core notebook, just to test.

On this laptop i am runing ZorinOS 15.2.
It is lighter and faster than Ubuntu 19.10, plus it has few additions here an there.
Otherwise it is the same as Ubuntu

@DestinationLinux Manjaro, only just recently swapped from mint as I needed support for my new RX5600XT. Loved the install but performance with the new GFX card is way below Windows at present :(

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