Destination EP106 - Privacy Parrots -

on DL106: Parrot 4.5, Plasma 5.15 Beta, 0.92.4, PureOS Store, Tutanota, Akira Design Tool, Test Pilot, Caffeine

@DestinationLinux i'm going to take a guess and say michael takes more shots at gtk in this episode

don't tell me i'm about to listen

I :linus: your show, it's a great source of news, FOSS discovery, humour, etc.
txt browsers:
TLDR: Cut the bloat, reduce data, more sec/no JS!
I use them! My favourite: #elinks. It has tabs! I only have 10GB monthly data so txt is a lifesaver!
The sorry thing is that they are outdated, with the exception of Browsh! Unfortunately it requires a full :firefox: backend. That defeats my purpose of txt. BUT! As is it's stated use, I can venture into the world of servers and have it somewhere else!

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