Let's do a test: I'll make a profile claiming to be in one of the groups that Nazis often target, and see how many Nazis actually target me (cause I see the argument "if you're in one of their targeted groups you'd see more of them" but I kind of doubt it).

@DashEquals hey, just letting you know: this is disgusting.

I mean, feel free to do so, but it's unrealistic anyway, because you also need to interact with people (the same way), get popular etc.

This is the same as "testing"/trying a wheelchair (for a day) to see how disabled people view the world. It does not work and can hardly give you an impression.

@rugk OK, I can see that perspective. I just don't know what I should do, then?

@DashEquals well… you can try, but as said it would hardly you you a real result. At best, it can prove your thesis of "more nazis here if I just sign-up etc.". You can just hardly decline it. (without lying to people, get popular etc.)

Here is a thing: What about just believing people?
It's e.g. the worst kind of mansplaining when a men tells a woman she does not experience assaults…

And talk to people. Not "members of group XY".

@DashEquals empathy? Is that a thing?

Depending on which perspective exactly, there are likely also docus, you can talk to people, there are websites etc.

@rugk Hmm, ok. The main problem I still have is that regardless of what I do or what solutions I propose, people will claim since that I've never had to experience the same type of harassment, I have no way of coming up with decent solutions.

Like, I do feel bad for those who have been harassed, I really do, but unless I experience it firsthand, it seems like I'm not able to comment on any related issues.

@DashEquals that totally touches the empahy point I've described.

1. Artificially bringing yourself into the position you try to feel empathetic for won't work. (we discussed this in ♿ ex)
2. Yes, you can never feel it exactly the same way as a person actually affected.
3. But you can still be empathetic, listen to people affected, and come up with solutions/ideas.

Also: Mind your privilege. Acknowledge, the 2nd point e.g.

@rugk Here's where I think I disagree, though. It's pretty easy to imitate someone in a certain group on social media, where all interaction can be done in text. It's not like, say, being Trans or Gay or Black is a disability, so saying you're any of those things would be pretty convincing.

I do see what you mean with 2 and 3, though.

@static @DashEquals would be curious to know _which_ fallacy you mean. (srsly, I dunno…)

@DashEquals obviously, all of these things are different and I also have to mind my privilege now so…

My main point was: You can superficially "fake" a social media profile and possibly even measure nazi interactions or whatever…

But I said two things:
1. technically, you need to get popular etc./be exposed to the same communities/people/tweets/… . So have fun maintaining that account for 5 years to get a realistic impression…

@DashEquals and 2. what those people then *feel* is something totally different that you cannot judge from any counting. And you just cannot fake being "a … person with …" .

Also BTW: You can likely also easily fake the social media profile of a wheelchair user…

And these ideas can always be discussed by "those affected" anyway. Just listen to them.

Also srsly, just work together…

@DashEquals empathy = you can understand the perspective of other people, without being other people.

(Obviously, that's limited and one should never claim to be able to 100%ly to represent another's perspective, but it's still possible.)

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