@omnipotens I was curious on how long LinuxRocks has been around so I went and looked for my first toot. LinuxRocks was born on April 22 2017. My first toot said "Lets get this thing started"


@omnipotens I wonder how many people will end up here... it's cool that this instance has been around for 2+ years.

@DashEquals @omnipotens Is it normal for an instance to live for less than two years?

@DashEquals @omnipotens I mean, I suppose the question doesn't give a whole lot of meaning, seeing as the whole thing isn't much more than two years old.

But my first experience with Mastodon was signing up to an instance, using it for a little while, then taking a break, only to find the instance had vanished without a trace a few months later, which put me off the whole thing for about two years.

Evidently, I'm back on the horse, with renewed hope and enthusiasm.

Yeah, I really only trust instances where the admins are active and it's been around for a while, or it's run by someone I know IRL.

@eviloatmeal @DashEquals Well as I said before I consider this the communities instance I am just hosting the hardware. If it wasn't for the volunteers and everyone on the instance it wouldn't be around. Several people have access to the server so if something happens to me then they can take the VM and move it else where.

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