I swear if I see anyone telling anyone to just switch from main Masto to a fork without providing any options to the many, many people who cannot do the tech heavy lifting today I will.. continue to be angry with you and be able to do nothing about it.

@GinnyMcQueen Users can go on instances.social and search « glitch » in the searchbar : instances.social/list/advanced#lang=&allowed=&prohibited=&users=

Hosts need to tinker with stuff like git and db migration scripts (but it's not complicated, if you're a host you probably have the technical knowledge to do it)

Admins can petition their host to do what's necessary to switch.

@Lou @GinnyMcQueen


One didn't need any migration script though.

Its Basically Git clone and checkout and rest is Just like Update install bundle and gem update and Yarn install.

Migrate DB and Compile

@inditoot @Lou @GinnyMcQueen All of which I have no idea how to do. So no, it's not simple. We can't assume that end users are tech experts, even if they are admins.


@narF @inditoot @Lou @GinnyMcQueen We can't assume everyone is an expert but running a few commands isn't too difficult. We do have the ability to learn and we should use it instead of complaining.

@DashEquals "the ability to learn" and time to do so and money to pay for hosting and backup and time to do maintenance.

Not everyone has that and no amount of "stop complaining" will change that.

You should stop telling people to "stop complaining" and start to act so that they have no reason to complain anymore.

@narF @inditoot @GinnyMcQueen

@Lou @narF @inditoot @GinnyMcQueen Sure, not everyone has free time... but if you don't have any free time, why are you on social media?

> You should stop telling people to "stop complaining" and start to act so that they have no reason to complain anymore.

What exactly do you want me to do? Harass Gargron until he merges whatever pull request you want?

@DashEquals You clearly never had to do anything related to hosting stuff if you're asking that question about free time so please stop talking about what you clearly don't know anything about.

@narF @inditoot @GinnyMcQueen

@Lou @narF @inditoot @GinnyMcQueen I run a Pleroma instance for myself, so I definitely have had some experience here.

@DashEquals @narF @Lou @GinnyMcQueen

I used main masto then I switch to Gled and after that I switch to Glitch.

Although i miss full text search in gled( see other people toot in search)

@inditoot @narF @Lou @GinnyMcQueen Yeah, Gled's fork is nice. Someone should make a Gled+Glitch fork for power users, would be pretty cool.

@DashEquals @narF @Lou @GinnyMcQueen

I ask the dev to implement gles search feature as opt in for admin. He said he is working on it.

and One other Feature of Seeing reply and boost in local timeline

@inditoot @narF @Lou @GinnyMcQueen Ah, cool! Glad to see these forks adding (and sharing) useful features that the main project does not.

@DashEquals @narF @Lou @GinnyMcQueen

And I moved to scaleway too once so i seen worst outcomes of using shitty host😂

@inditoot @narF @Lou @GinnyMcQueen That looks like a pretty good (and affordable) host, thanks for sharing!

@DashEquals @narF @Lou @GinnyMcQueen

I am using Hertzner they are good although if you love free speech and privacy then one user recommended me using buyvm.net

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