Why don't people use as an alternative to ? It seems like that's what the service is for.

I'm trying to a instance (don't worry, I'll still be active here). However, I'm running into an annoying error (see attachment)

I'm following this guide: anystack.xyz/how-to-install-ma on Debian Stretch

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Just in case you want a nice big dose of depression this evening:


"One of the smartest aspects of this design is that nobody who staffs the machine has any stake or power in the structure as a whole. They, meaning I, can’t talk to someone more important ourselves, even if we wished to. [...] When you scream down the phone you’ve ruined my life, your system error means I can’t get a mortgage, you will rarely if ever be screaming at anyone who could help you."

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On Twitter, people set their photo as a pic profile and here everybody uses an avatar. Privacy matters.

I've set up an old laptop running to host a website for me (on my local home internet with dynamic IP). Is it possible for me to get a cert, and if so how?

I have a C7000-100NAS router, which I'd expect to support , as it's advertised. Apparently, that just means while they don't block VPN ports. WTF? I'm definitely not buying from them again, would not recommend!

(worse is that Netgear's firmware *does* have support for VPN, it's just not enabled on this $170 router)

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Why do you like Fedilab?

*This poll is for a test*

[ ] Slow battery drain
[ ] Good UX
[ ] For its crashes

I'm thinking the main point would just be to measure hashtags, trends, activity, etc, as all that can only be currently measured for a slice of the whole network.

I have an idea... launch a instance (maybe mastodon.network) that follows all users to get them to show up in the federated timeline. That way, not only would it be a complete federated timeline, it would also be an archive of the network, so if an instance goes down, content from those users is still mostly available.

I know mastodon.host does something similar to this with Federation Bot but I'm thinking of doing it at an even larger scale.

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The nice part about the "fediverse culture" is that developers actually work with youtube-dl.

really needs a better way to deal with (and if it eventually supports Mastodon or as is suggested, even more so)

This "feature" annoys me so much. It pops up every few weeks and is just soo annoying. It's not even a message.

Idea: if/when adds stories, polls could be supported too, and federate with polls in .

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