To anyone following, Firefly III rules have been fixed; it wins the round :D

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Anyone know of a decent home finance/budget software?

Requirements are:
- Advanced filters/rules
- Bank import (Salt Edge support preferable) or a nice plugin interface
- Works

I've been through:
- HomeBank: doesn't do scheduled imports
- Moneydance: Java, not stable at all, doesn't support my bank
- YNAB: doesn't support my bank, poor information on everything
- Buxfer: very close, but sync is buggy, budget does wrong things and support is dead
- Firefly III: so close, but rules are buggy

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Dear web developers and admins,
please stop embedding Google's hideous #ReCaptcha into your websites. Its algorithm is faulty, forcing regular users to click dozens or even hundreds of fire hydrants, bicycles, or traffic lights each day. It puts a 'suspicious activity' flag on users who won't obey to Google's business model - such as people who don't sign into Chrome, use anonymity VPNs, or use browser extensions to suppress common tracking mechanisms. Enough is enough. Stop it.

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Question: How are people reading email these days?

I've been using isync+notmuch+alot for quite a while but after reinstalling my system and putting off moving my setup to my home-server, I'm curious if GUIs might have gotten good enough to not bother with setting anything up?

So, suggestions, anyone?

(searching+filtering and fast navigation are must-haves for me)

After upgrading my PC to a new 5000 series AMD processor, I'm trying out KDE Plasma 5 instead of my usual setup.
Despite resorting to a tiling script, I gotta say, I'm kinda liking this!

It doesn't do anything I couldn't before, but it's also not as restrictive as I remember it and, if nothing else, Slack seems to behave under KWin.

Good job team!

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A whistleblower said that Apple contractors 'regularly hear confidential details' on Siri recordings and have even heard drug deals, medical details and people having sex

Original tweet :

Wavebox using 53GB of memory, locking up my system? Yeah, fun times... Good thing I separated my work tabs from Firefox into this "lighter" program, right? -_-

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Hackable and configurable vim-like browser. It is written in C and uses webkit2gtk.

Finally a worthy qutebrowser alternative.

#webbrowser #qutebrowser
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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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My youngest cat has figured out how to hack the cat feeder I built by shorting a few gpio pins with his paw. Guess I shouldn't have left the Pi exposed....

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Read this. This article pretty summarizes what I see every day. And when I criticize it, half of the audience doesn't understand my point. They are simply to young and grew up with smart phones and fast lines.

"Software disenchantment": via

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Sony enters EFF's Takedown Hall of Shame for claiming it owned Bach's music, even though he died before American copyright law even existed source:


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..