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There are so many ideas I have to improve, it has a lot of potential!

Using the directory as a means to help steward standardized cross-platform discovery is high on the list.

There are few projects who take initiative to help other projects, and it's humbling to build tools like and that I wish existed when I began this journey.

Keep moving forward! #fediverse

If I were to do a exclusive channel. Would you folks be okay with 480p or is that too low for you?

It's in mind of using system resources and storage responsibly, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

complaining about Bluetooth 

Bluetooth experience on Android, iPhone, Kubuntu:
- Click Bluetooth icon to select paired devices quickly without leaving your current app
- Common devices like headphones & controllers will connect automatically when it makes sense

Experience on Windows:
- Click Bluetooth icon to open a menu with a button that opens another window, with list of Bluetooth devices split it up into weird categories (some connected, some not).
- Common devices like headphones & controllers will connect when your laptop is supposedly asleep, causing random pairing/unpairing noises in the middle of the night if you forget to fully shutdown
- When you pair a new device, you are presented with 3 mislabelled options and have to guess which one works (click 'speaker' to connect an Xbox controller for example, but not every controller!)

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It's really fascinating and rewarding to watch new friends who had joined over the last week or two discovering fedi in more and more new deeper ways.

Finding out out about smaller instances, discovering other mobile apps, checking out Pleroma, MissKey etc.

That's why I don't get as concerned about how Mastodon has the most visibility. Yes, it does. But then people join and find out about the rest of fedi.

Come for #Mastodon, stay for the #Fediverse, basically.

it begins. charged a minor fee for getting #cash for the first time today. it's a small fine now that can deal with. I am lucky enough to have proper #socialhousing so I don't have to pay my #rent in cash like many other dutch students. but this is only the beginning for sure. #waroncash
cash money is the only way for people who can't read all that well to keep track of their expenses. it also protects vulnerable people from being associated with their transactions. protect cash by using cash

Really sucks how much of the web breaks when you set strict privacy rules in your browser.

My theory is that there is a finite number of socks that can exist in the universe. As we create more socks, other socks must spontaneously disappear, for example from my laundry basket

The free open source email app Thunderbird is now on here, you can follow them at:

➑️ @thunderbird

Thunderbird is the most popular free open desktop email software in the world, and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

You can find out more at

As well as email, it also works as an RSS news reader and XMPP and IRC chat client.

#Thunderbird #Email #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Mozilla #XMPP #IRC #RSS #Apps #Messenger #Productivity #Office

We couldn't go with the trend of the recent Twitter move to Mastodon, because we were already here πŸ‘€

But for the newcomers it might still be interesting to hear from their friendly collaborative Markdown editor with the cute logo. πŸ€—


:BoostOK: I like to imagine that #Mastodon instances that have a large number of users like mastodon(.)social are like big cities like New York or San Francisco, and Mastodon instances that have a much smaller number of users is like a quaint little town in the countryside where everyone knows everyone. It depends on which you feel more comfortable being in.

We have informed Apple of our preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices.

Our preliminarily findings show that Apple may have restricted competition, to the benefit of its solution Apple Pay.


#kdenlive 22.04 is released with more than 300 commits, mostly focused on stability and polishing, ranging from packaging all the way up to user interface enhancements.

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