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The Internet Archive are fund raising right now, and I just chucked a couple quid in the tip jar. You should too: they're a nonprofit organisation that is probably the single most important organisation in the fight for software preservation, and the preservation of the internet and it's culture. A culture that, through the proliferation of the web, has become *our* culture.

If you'd like too, just head over to, it's on their home page right now.

62. Stop making your updates so intrusive. I open an app to use it. if you force me to stop and update it first i forget what I opened it to do. this is user hostile behavior. Ideally, users should not be bothered about updates at all- but unfortunately they a necessary.

a less intrusive pattern is asking for permission to download and install an update on app EXIT.

#Mozilla ends support for #Firefox #Lockwise

Why Mozilla never focus on import stuff like email, search engine and co is beyond me. They could make tons of money with such products but its too late now.

December 13, 2021

Once again, I came across a rather simple problem (file transfer) where @syncthing is the by far and away the best and easiest option.

It's been such an important project for me over the years.

@owzim all public organisations pretending to be hip and influential on twitter or homely on Facebook should run #fediverse instances

Its time some people start taking responsibility for what they are doing with public money

@dublinux admin here. Yes, that will happen, but I don't see it as a problem. Lemmy is a platform focused heavily on discussion (same as Reddit), and instead of trying to separate different platforms and chasing a sense of "uniqueness" or "identity", IMO integrating Lemmy into the broader fediverse will benefit everyone by making the discussions that originated on Lemmy more accessible to other platforms, and vice versa.

"My boss noticed what was in my .bashrc today"

submitted by dogballs875

You can interact with the videos boosted by this account without leaving Mastodon.

You can watch, comment, like, share, subscribe all from within Mastodon. You don't need to click on the video's link at all.

PeerTube and Mastodon federate together using the same technical standard, so actions you take in Mastodon will appear next to the video in PeerTube.

See the attached images for more details.

#Fediverse #PeerTube #Mastodon

@spelk On a practical level, when trying to play Morrowind, I would say first thing to do is pick a joinable faction and do some quests for them. They'll start out a bit fetch-questy but they do get interesting.

I'd avoid the main guilds, they're relatively dull (Warriors, Mages, Thieves). Go for one of the three dunmer great houses or one of the religions or something. Though do be aware there are stat checks on faction progress so pick one that kinda matches your build.

First Linux distro that you stuck with for over a year, go

Hello there. I am Julian AKA Juliantheaudiogamer. I am a gamer and interested in technology, everything to do with audio, and much more. Oh, and I am blind, but otherwise as normal as possible.

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