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@thomasfuchs I miss the days of expansion packs. Like proper expansions, ones that cost half of what the original game did and added 50% more content in one go.

Not having access to a continuous delivery method meant they actually had to plan what went in it, and make it worthwhile for players to go buy the thing. If someone had released an expansion that just had another faction that was just a recoloured version of an existing one they'd be tarred and feathered.

Hold onto your hats! We now have an automatic continuously-released Linux AppImage (without Python 2) that follows the tip of the #glimpse development branch.

Our testing is still ongoing, and we expect to produce stable builds in next week or so.

@Mayana Our app (Finland) doesn't use location, stores data locally and uses rotating identities. And it's open source both on client and backend level. It's probably the most trustworthy app on my phone

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You take back your privacy not by using a private OS or a more private device, but by carefully selecting services that process your data.

Yes, iPhones are less private than my Graphene OS powered smartphone, but does it matter if I use Facebook, Twitter, Google...

Services we use are the major problem in our digital lives.

#Privacy #bigtech

A whistleblower said that Apple contractors 'regularly hear confidential details' on Siri recordings and have even heard drug deals, medical details and people having sex

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Fellow #Privacy lovers on the Fedi: what do you think about, and have you installed, your country's COVID-tracing app?
I've just received an SMS asking me to install one. Not mandatory, for now.
The privacy policy isn't so bad. It tracks your location to let you know if you've passed someone who later reported themselves as infected. Supposedly doesn't share it with anyone.
Keeping Bluetooth and location on all the time goes against my values. But so does not keeping others safe.

Kylie Jenner is NOT a billionaire. Kylie and her family used false tax and accounting records to convince Forbes of her wealth.

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